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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Specialised Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Stain Treatment and Carpet Odor Removal Services in Brisbane

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is committed to turning your carpet back 2 new. We specialised in carpet stain treatment, carpet steam cleaning and deodorization services. Please call on 0482075241 for same day booking. So if you’re looking for a carpet cleaning service provider in Brisbane? You are on the right website with the right steam cleaning company. Our expert carpet cleaning technicians are fully certified by IIRC and are skilled as Odor Control Technician (OCT), Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) and Rug Cleaning Technician (RCT). Our carpet cleaners are available in all of Brisbane for the same day service if required including:Rolex replica

Why choose Back 2 New? Thousands of Returning happy customers and lots of referral work from old customers.

We have to service all over Brisbane for just over a decade. We do not have to spend much on advertisements because every customer we service refers to 10 other friends and family members. Also, got over 10,000 returning customers who need regular steam cleaning jobs done. Need home carpet steam cleaning? then you have come to the right place. Back 2 New Cleaning is here to help make your carpet clean to extend its life. We know that it can be difficult to find high-quality service at affordable prices, but with our years of experience and expertise, you will get exactly what you need.

  • Professional Carpet Cleaners: The best cleaners available for home, industrial and commercial carpets are working with us.
  • Reliability And Experience: You will find both reliability and experience in our carpet cleaning technicians.
  • Local Carpet Cleaners: We are locally owned and operated. We are dedicated to providing our neighbours and friends with the best services possible.
  • Best Carpet Cleaning Company: Our company has had the honour of being awarded as the best cleaning company in Brisbane two times.
  • Affordable And Reasonable Service: You are free to compare the prices and quality of our carpet cleaning service with the competitors. For sure, you will find us affordable and reasonable.
  • Availability: We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year to help you with professional carpet cleaning services when you need them.
  • Free Online Quote And Discounts: Convenient, no-obligation online quotes. We make it easy to take advantage of discounts and special offers, too.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

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    Our carpet steam cleaning estimate price list

    Every house is different and every customer with different needs. Even every carpet needs different treatment. So we can not provide an exact price but can surely give you a rough estimate of how much carpet steam cleaning going to cost you. Our carpet steam cleaning prices for a 3 bedroom single story house start from $120* if the carpet is not over dirty or does not stain. Obviously, stain treatment going to cost extra but we do not 100% guarantee stain removal. In addition, customers can also choose extra services like carpet deodorisation, healthcare carpet stain protection and carpet sanitisation at additional cost

    Carpets are among the most costly and useful items available in all homes and offices. There is a number of sources that can be the reason for the accumulation of dirt, stains and odour particles. But, you don’t have to worry about anything because you can get all your stained carpets cleaned thoroughly by hiring the experts of Back 2 New Cleaning. We have a team that is fully authorized and well-ascertained about the new and efficient carpet cleaning ways. Our professional’s passion for work has made us the best service provider for Affordable Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. To free your carpet of all the cleaning related issues, get quality cleaning services at discounted costs today from us.

    Call us on 0482075241 anytime for the required carpet steam cleaning and free service price quotation.

    How Is Carpet Cleaning An Important Aspects Of A Healthy Life?

    Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning is very common and known to all that you need cleaning to maintain your carpets but there are some real benefits which you do not realise you have with Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. Let us see those hidden reasons.

    The below-given are the benefits and reasons for having carpet cleaning services:

    • It will stop the mould growth which means your carpet will be in a safe condition for a long time.
    • The cleaning is not only limited to the appearance of your carpets but the overall look and appearance of the house.
    • Enjoy the benefits of your investment in carpets for a long time too without any health risks.
    • You will be away from the unnecessary expenditure on the carpet replacement in a short period as cleaning will reduce the chances of any damage too.
    • Clears out dust mite infestations, germs and allergens.
    • No presence of stains and odour particles on the carpets.

    Wide Range Of Carpet Cleaning Services Available In Brisbane

    Carpets are the objects that are used to keep the floor coverings safe and clean. They also enhance the house’s appearance too. Our technicians are trained in performing organic carpet cleaning services. Our professional service for Best Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane is available to ensure that your carpeting is in a neat and clean condition.

    For booking carpet steam cleaning in Brisbane services, you can call us anytime at 0482075241. Let us see the entire range of Best Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane.

    Best Carpet Steam Cleaning in Brisbane

    Best Carpet Steam Cleaning in Brisbane

    It is one of the best ways to restore the new and clean condition of a dirty and stained carpet. In this method, a solution of hot water and cleaning is applied to the carpet which is very effective in killing germs and allergens and removing dirt, stains and odours. You can also trust us with our eco-friendly carpet cleaning options. We have the availability of carpet cleaning machines and brushes which are used in the carpet steam cleaning Brisbane process. You can avail us for the same day service too.

    Exceptional Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane

    Exceptional Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane

    Hire us for carpet dry cleaning in Brisbane when your carpet is having minor dirt and stains and you have less time for cleaning and drying. In this method, we use water in the minimum amount and clean and dry your carpet within an hour. This service is very useful when you need your carpet ready for use just after cleaning. We offer the best quality and professional carpet dry cleaning Brisbane services at an Affordable Price.

    Professional Carpet Shampooing Services in Brisbane

    Professional Carpet Shampooing Services in Brisbane

    Carpet shampooing is a professional method of cleaning because it is recommended by carpet manufacturers. It is one of the safest ways to wash a carpet. In this method, a solution of water and shampoo is used for the carpet wash. The solution comes out along the cleaning brushes and effectively cleans the hidden and deepened dirt and stains particles. Additionally, you can choose our shampooing and bond cleaning Brisbane service.

    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane

    Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane

    If you need cleaning for a heavily dirty and stained carpet then you should choose Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. In this process, we remove the surface particles with a vacuum cleaner and then remove the hard to clean dirt and stain particles with a solution of hot water and detergents. After the agitation, we extract the water out of the carpet which also brings out dirt, stains and odours particles.

    Extraordinary Carpet Stain Protection in Brisbane

    Extraordinary Carpet Stain Protection in Brisbane

    Carpet stain protection is a way to keep the dirt and stains particles above the carpet surface when they interact with the carpet. In such a condition, it is easy to remove those dirt and stains particles and you can easily maintain your carpet after a professional cleaning service.

    Germs-free Carpet Service in Brisbane

    Germs-free Carpet Service in Brisbane

    We have carpet sanitisation and disinfection services to make your carpet germs free. This service will kill all types of bacteria, viruses and allergens and stop their further growth in the future. We do this after the completion of the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane service. It is one of the important steps of our carpet cleaning process. We offer the best and most affordable carpet cleaning in Brisbane services.

    Odour-free Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Odour-free Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Whether it is about the existing odour in the carpet or cleaning solution, we ensure that there is no bad odour at the end of our Best Carpet Cleaning Brisbane services at affordable prices. After a thorough cleaning, we deodorise your carpet and its area and make our service odour-free carpet cleaning.

    End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Service in Brisbane

    End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Service in Brisbane

    The house owners or renters book for this service when the bond days of the property get over and the tenant is leaving the house. Our professional will reach your place within an hour or on the same day of booking as per your need. We increase the chances of getting bond money back from the owners. It is good for the carpet owner when he will rent the same carpet to the next tenant.

    Carpet Mould Removal Services in Brisbane

    Carpet Mould Removal Services in Brisbane

    Moulds on the carpet result in its damage and a bad smell in the house. This can also be the cause of health problems like sneezing, allergy and coughing. Our professional service is available to effectively remove the moulds and protect your carpet from further damage. Our professionals will treat the moulds from its root within the carpet fibres.

    Back 2 New Cleaning Stain Removal

    Carpets are an essential commodity in every house. They get stains accidentally. Stains can be of many types such as wine stains, coffee stains, makeup stains, and many others. Back 2 New Cleaning is one of the well-known stain removal companies in your town. So, if your carpet has got any stubborn stains, then reach out to us.

    Red Wine

    Red wine will sink in the fibres if left for too long. It’s good to treat them as soon as possible.


    Coffee stains are not permanent. But, they may be difficult to remove if not dealt with properly.

    Animal Urine

    Fresh urine contains a yellow pigment called Urochrome. So, it turns the fibres yellow.


    It is an oil-based stain. These stains are difficult to notice as they darken with time.

    Tomato Sauce

    The best way to deal with it is to treat it afresh. Scrape out the residue left on the carpet and then deal with it immediately.


    Vegemite Stains are plant-based and can be broken down easily. They should be treated with acids like lemon juice and vinegar.


    The jam comes in a variety of flavours and colours. This makes it difficult to remove because of the pigments present in it.


    Dried beer stains can have a pungent odour. Since it is an oxidizable stain, you should try to remove it very quickly.


    This stain adversely affects the wool and nylon carpets. Blotting cordial stains quickly should be done in the first place.


    Scoop out the extra lipstick from the carpet to avoid further staining. Rubbing alcohol can effectively work on lipstick stains.


    Scrape as much makeup you can, with the help of a spoon or a butter knife. Make-up wipes can also do a great job.

    Nail Polish

    Nail polish stains can be removed by using toothpaste. Do not overwet the stains or else they may spread more.


    A tried and truly essential for removing tea stains is vinegar. You should work on them immediately or it may get difficult to get rid of them.


    Milk penetrates deep in the fibres and starts curdling soon. This may create an unpleasant odour if left untreated.

    Dog Vomit

    When a dog wants to throw up, it is quite natural. It finds carpet fibre like grass and they puke. You can apply natural vomit and a small absorbent.


    Glue stains can be just like an eyesore for any homeowner. It is vital to know what type of glue has affected your carpet. It can be water-based, rubber cement, or wood glue.

    Candle Wax

    You should start scraping wax with a butter knife. Candle wax is an oil-based stain, so you can try rubbing alcohol to melt the wax stain.

    Boot Polish

    This stain dries into a waterproof stain. You should lift out excess boot polish. Furthermore, alcohol and leather conditioners can be of great use.

    Orange Juice

    Orange has got citric acid in it. That makes it very annoying to get rid of. It can act as a bleaching agent, so it has to be cleaned immediately.


    Gravy stain turns out to be a tacky residue. You can remove this stain by laundering the stained spot with hot water and using a high-quality detergent.


    Blood stains are hard to deal with. You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of this stain.

    Pot Plant

    It is always advised to put plants on the darker side of the carpet. Equal parts of white vinegar and water can do the task well.


    If your carpet has got a paint stain, then blot it immediately. A forceful stream of warm water can help in removing paint stains.


    Take some everyday salt and sprinkle it on the stain. Salt helps to draw the excess moisture from the carpet like a hero.


    Vacuum up the dry particles of chocolate. You can also make your cleaning solution with detergent and warm water.

    These were the different types of stains that generally keep affecting carpet quality if ignored. But, if you reach out to the professionals like us, then you can save your carpet from heavy loss.

    Best Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Advanced 6 Step Carpet Cleaning Procedure

    We apply the same procedure for carpet cleaning whether you book for the same day service, Emergency Carpet Cleaning Brisbane service or general carpet cleaning. Let us get into the steps for Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane:

    • Inspection of the carpet: Our professionals will thoroughly inspect and find out the noticed and unnoticed cleaning problems in your carpet. According to the fibre type of your carpet, the cleaning method will be chosen to solve all the problems.
    • Pre-vacuuming: It is an essential step of our cleaning as it lessens the chances of a mess due to dirt and stains during cleaning.
    • Cleaning the carpet area: As per the need and type of fibre, our professional will apply the cleaning techniques and free your carpet of dirt, stains, odours, germs and moulds. We also ensure that there is no damage to your carpet fabrics in terms of colour, wrinkles and ripple as an impact of the cleaning solution and method.
    • Residue removal and carpet drying: After proper cleaning, the professionals will remove the residue and start the work to dry the carpet.
    • Deodorisation, sanitisation and stain protector application: These three services are additional and optional for the customers. It will help to make the carpet odour-free, germ-free and protected from the stain respectively.
    • Final look-on: Finally, we check if everything is done properly and leave your place only after your satisfaction with the service.

    Carpet Deodorising Brisbane

    We offer reliable carpet deodorising services throughout Brisbane. Our carpet cleaners are skilled in deodorising and stain removal treatments. Moreover, our carpet cleaning options are available 24 by 7 in Brisbane.

    Carpet Sanitising Services in Brisbane

    Our carpet sanitising services is a comprehensive solution that includes- the removal of stains, dirt, bacteria and allergens, etc. Additionally, we disinfect and refresh your carpet fibres at an affordable price.

    Affordable Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Are you searching for budget-friendly carpet cleaning services in Brisbane? Our carpet cleaning professionals can help. Our company runs an array of carpet cleaning services at affordable prices.

    Rug Cleaning Brisbane

    Do you want a budget-friendly rug cleaner in Brisbane? Our company offers effective rug cleaning Brisbane services. Our rug cleaning option covers carpet- sanitisation, deodorisation, steam cleaning and hot water extractions.

    Pet Hair Removal From Carpet

    Is your carpet suffering from several grim and pet hair? Or if your pet is shedding too much hair these days? We can help. Our company delivers pet hair removal from carpets at reliable prices. Additionally, by choosing us you get served by reputed professionals.

    Carpet Cleaning Checklist 2022

    The carpet cleaning job is not easy as it seems to all and it becomes tougher when you do not plan well. We are providing you with the carpet cleaning checklist which you have to ensure when you make bookings with us. The list includes:

    • Availability of electricity and water during the carpet cleaning job.
    • Nothing should be there over your carpet which needs cleaning.
    • Choose a sunny day for your carpet cleaning job.
    • Check when you are free to get the service.
    • Ensure that there is no urgent use of the carpet after cleaning.
    • Make an arrangement for your pets on the day of cleaning
    Carpet Cleaning Checklist 2021

    Carpet Cleaning Facilities Which Make Us Different in Brisbane

    There are many carpet cleaning companies available in Brisbane but only a few have the availability of these facilities for carpet cleaning services. Let us have a look at them one by one.

    Same Day Or Emergency Carpet Cleaning:

    Across any suburbs of Brisbane and in the main city, we are available 24*7 hours to provide you with the carpet cleaning service. Irrespective of your location in Brisbane, our professionals will be at your given address within an hour of booking for the same-day service.

    Services For Both Residential And Commercial Carpets:

    We are one among them who provide professional carpet cleaning Brisbane service for both residential and commercial premises. Over many years of service, we have been useful to a large number of home and office carpet owners.

    After Party Carpet Cleaning:

    We understand the mood of the city and its people. The carpet owners love a party but they are equally concerned about their carpets. In such a situation, our professional service is very useful and effective. Call us immediately after your party ends or you can schedule the service as per your need.

    Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Cleaning technology and machines have a big role in making a difference in carpet cleaning results. We have professionals and a truck-mounted cleaning system which when working together always comes out with a high-standard carpet cleaning result. It also reduces the duration of the carpet cleaning job.

    Other Cleaning Services in We offer Across Brisbane including Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

    Reach Here

    Location: 123 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia


    Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

    Yes, you should get your carpets cleaned with the help of professionals. Professional cleaning is worth getting.

    What is the best carpet cleaning method you use?

    In most cases, we use the carpet steam cleaning method. This method helps to clean all types of dirt, stains and odours.

    How often should carpets be cleaned?

    Carpet cleaning is often the last thing on our minds as we go about running errands and tending to other tasks. But carpet cleaning should be a regular consideration for keeping your home clean, healthy, and looking its best. At a minimum, you should hire carpet cleaning professionals 3-4 times every year. This will help to maintain your carpet and save it from early damage.

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