5 Easy Steps to Remove Mould from Carpets

A lot of people believe in the myth that dry mold is safe. The other section thinks that the mold dies when the carpet is devoid of any humidity and moisture. This is why several people do not consider cleaning the carpet after the carpet water damage restoration is not necessary at all. The main question is whether it is the possibility that the mold dies after the carpet gets dried or it is just a myth.

Remove Mould from Carpets
Remove Mould from Carpets

Is Moisture Necessary for Carpet Growth?

It is necessary. Moisture is one of the necessities of the mold. Most of the mold requires a complete humid moisturized condition for regeneration. Moisture along with oxygen and primary nutrients from the host such as fabrics, foods, and wood provides a favorable condition for mold growth. 

Please mark that most of the mold does require moisture, not all of them. Some species of mold do require a minimum amount of moisture to generate and grow. Some species of mold can go even to grow in extreme conditions like deserts. But it is just a small proportion of mold; a large proportion of another mold can only be generated in moist dark ventilated conditions.

Does Mold Die in The Unavailability of Moisture?

If mold developed over a wet carpet does it die when the carpet gets dried? Taking a glance at the above argument it is completely testified that moisture is the primary availability of mold. Without the availability of living necessities, any living organism will ultimately die. Unfortunately, the case is not the same in this case.

In the unavailability of moisture for a specific period, the mold sleeps temporarily for that period. Mold never dies easily , and the growth rate of moisture just stopped for that time. This gives us the wrong realization that the mold has died. It is the reason why the process of Carpet water damage restoration in Brisbane always ends with cleansing the carpet to eliminate any spores of mold. As soon as the mold receives humidity and moisture they start regenerating again in no time.

Dry Mold

When the carpet gets dried, it is mostly mistaken that the mold has died and the carpet is ‘mould-free’, but instead of dying the mold gets converted into the dry mold which is not as rapid in the multiplication growth. Carpet water damage restoration does not get completed without the last cleansing process. Dry mold cannot be considered as safe since the powdery form of spores released by the spores may result in itching, allergies, and various toxic infections.

Mould Remove from Carpets
Mould Remove from Carpets

What to Do in Such a Condition?

Do not be afraid, we at Back 2 New Cleaning are strongly committed to providing a complete solution for the problem. The expertise team offers a whole restoration solution for water damaged carpets. Handling mold by household processes is not advisable for the local public.

This is because there are large chances of catching infections and allergies due to mold. For complete solutions at decent rates choose us as the first option and How to restore your carpet after flood damage.