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Answered Questions About Sofa/Couch Maintenance Homeowners Often Seek Answers to

People who don’t ask questions, especially about what they lack complete knowledge of, are people who love to get things wrong. However, people who ask the wrong people questions are bound to hit the rock. But it’s better to direct your questions to the appropriate source and find satiable answers.

Back 2 New Cleaning has put together a crop of questions homeowners are often bothered with concerning their upholstered sofas and couch. 

Sofa Maintenance Service
Sofa Maintenance Service

The Best Answers Have been Compiled in Secondment to These Questions:

  • Is There a Suitable Household Cleaner for Leather Sofa?
    Yes, there is a mixture of white vinegar with flaxseed oil on which the leather cabbage is well wiped and left for at least 8 hours. Then it is wiped with a piece of dry cloth in order to polish the couch and then revitalize it. It is preferable to use this mixture every three months to ensure lustre and cleanliness. This doesn’t completely exclude, reverting to professional couch cleaners if you meet with insurmountable challenges.
  • I Would Like an Inexpensive, Homely Way to Clean The Couch Which Has Wood Parts and Crafts?
    Dirt often meets and gets settled or located inside the woodwork. Therefore, it is preferable to continuously clean it on a daily basis including couch stain cleaning and to also wipe it through a piece of fine fabric, using the following mixture:
    Use an equal amount of olive oil with lemon juice, in equal parts. It is best to mix them together using a spray bottle to ensure periodic cleaning for them.
  • Or You May Prefer to Use a Mixture Of:
    The amount of one tablespoon of white vinegar with two tablespoons of olive oil. Also, add one-two tablespoons of vegetable turpentine and mix them well before use. Massaging the excavated and occupied parts with a piece of cotton or soft fabric in order to polish the furniture. For dark woods, it is preferable to wipe them through the use of a wet piece of linseed oil, which gives it an attractive glow and maintains its colour. This includes the sofa stain removal process.
  • Clean The Sofa Through The Ovary, Is There a Solution?
    Unfortunately, the bleach eliminates the colour of clothing and fabrics in general, and it is a mistake to use bleach during cleaning the sofa. So, it is certain that the colour has completely disappeared, which is against the couch dry cleaning rules. There is no one to restore its colour, but it is preferable to call or consult the cleaning company, as it may be that it has a suitable solution.

In the event that there are no solutions, all you have to do is to change the upholstery and its fabric. Better still, quickly contact a professional upholstery cleaning in Brisbane for quick action.  So we always advise you to try a simple and hidden piece of the sofa before cleaning. 

Expert Couch Maintenance Service
Expert Couch Maintenance Service

Are There Methods for Cleaning Pet Hair from Sofa and Upholstery?

If you want to remove pet hair from home furniture, you should do the following:

Using a piece of soft cotton cloth that contains a furniture polish or a sprinkler to dust it off. It resists static electrical charges. This eliminates electrical charges, making it easier and reduces the possibility of the hairs being re-adhered again. 

To remove the pet bristles from the surfaces of the upholstery, from the upholstery and from the bedding, wear a rubber glove with a wet ball of light water, then turn the hand over the surfaces.

That way, the bristles of the pets will stick to the glove, and then make sure to rinse the glove when it is filled with the bristles. Yet, it is best to re-wet it. You can always hire Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane expert.


Experts often advise to undertake the upholstery deep cleaning methods, the reason being that, this doesn’t only completely eliminates dirt and dust, it removes odour and refreshes the entire furniture piece.