Best Ways to Remove Stains from Sofa or Couch

Stains on the sofa or couch are such an embarrassing situation especially in front of guests. Also, it becomes so messy in lack of knowledge to remove it gently. The people searched on various platforms but could not guess which one they should opt for whether it is good for fabric or not.  Here in this blog, we will tell you the various simple stain removal methods which will help you to bring the original and the worthy appearance to your sofas and couch. 

Before starting the DIY methods, you must consult with the care tag for the cleaning code. The care tag will help you by telling about the particular fabric which one should you apply and which one not to.  Once you know which products you can apply on that particular sofa or couch fabric then it would be easy to clean stains from it. 

Here are some simple and acceptable ways to get stained sofa and couch cleaned

  1. Simply Vacuum Clean The Stain: At first, you will notice some dirt grime particles accumulated around the stained area of the sofa. But, vacuuming helps you to get it removed gently. Also, after vacuuming on the area you can see the dirt and dust will get removed from the stained area which will help to see the stain clearly. Vacuuming helps to remove the obstacles from the stains which can make the stains messier. So, firstly, make sure that there are no grimes and dust is available around the stains or on the stains. You can use hand vacuuming on your sofas to eliminate that dust or you can use a simple soft brush. It will also help to get the stains a little bit.
  1. Apply Home-made Solutions: There is no need to purchase any kinds of solutions to get it removed. You can make a stain removing solution even at home by using kitchen ingredients only. Such as, Add a few drops of dish soap in a bowl or bucket and fill it with water ( It should be cold water). Afterward, creating gentle solutions also mix some amount of vinegar. It helps to create an effective mixture for the sofa stain cleaning method. Also, applying these solutions is very simple. Let’s see in the next step how you can use this solution thoroughly. 
  1. Dip a Clean Cloth in The Solution And Dab On The Stain: Now, you can take a clean microfiber cloth and dip this cloth in the solution that you made. Dip this cloth thoroughly and dab this cloth on the stain instead of rubbing and squeezing the solutions on upholstery. Afterwards, dab cloth gently on the stained area of the upholstery and make sure not to rub it. Keep dabbing it up till you see the stain lifting out. Dabbing is an effective method to get away the stains, even the stubborn ones. 

4. Dry Out The Spot Area: To dry out the area you can take another clean and dry cloth. You can also use a towel for this. Now, dab the towel on the wet area and make sure your towel which you are using is completely dried. Gently, dab the towel on upholstery and soak the excess moisture from your couch. Another way to dry out the upholstery, just turn on the ceiling fans and you can open your windows as well.

Stain Removal Service
Stain Removal Service

NOTE: Just avoid the use of hairdryers as heat is not a suitable thing for upholstery and people should be aware of such things. Heat can damage the fabric and give you a disappointing response. Back 2 New Sofa Cleaning Brisbane is the best couch cleaning company in Brisbane.