Carpet Cleaning Caloundra

Expert Carpet Cleaning In Caloundra

Do you have a dirty carpet? Don’t worry our carpet cleaners in Caloundra will help you out with this. At Back 2 New Cleaning you can also get your old carpet in the new state. We have highly specialized cleaners in our team which will remove every unwanted thing from your carpet. Our professionals also use eco-friendly solutions. We provide you with top-class services at your doorstep.  Our experts do not only remove dirt and dust they also clean all of the bacteria and germs present in your carpet. For more quarries, you can contact our team at 0482075241.

DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

However, you can go to both of them. Both of them give you results. They are good in their way but professional carpet cleaning will give you long-lasting results. Through DIY’S you can only clean the outer layer, but with professional cleaning, you can have your carpet smell-free and no stain visible at all. We are not saying DIY doesn’t work it’s just that they don’t give you long-lasting results. That’s the reason for hiring a professional cleaner. To get you your dream carpet. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call right now at Back 2 New Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Caloundra

Carpet Cleaning Services We Provide

Carpet Steam Cleaning And Hot Water Extraction 

The steam cleaning method is also known as hot water extraction. In steam cleaning, all of the dirt and germs are removed. So if you want to have a bacteria-free carpet give us a call now.

Carpet Stain Removal

Our team removes every stain. Whether it is a coffee stain or tea stain. At Back 2 New Cleaning we can clean every stain which is causing you problems. We are pretty sure you don’t want to wait now, so give us a call right now.

Carpet Mould Removal 

I know mould is a tough thing to handle. With our professionals, it is much easier to handle. They also remove all of the moulds from your carpet and give you a fresh carpet. We also have highly trained professionals which can solve your every problem.

Carpet Odour Removal 

Is your carpet smelling bad? The filthy odour could be the reason. This pungent smell spoils the mood of one and all in the house. Don’t worry we will help you with this. Avail of our carpet odour removal services at a very reasonable price and flexible booking slots.

 Carpet Sanitisation

Carpet sanitization is very important to have a healthy lifestyle. Bacteria infect your carpets which is not good for you and your family. Approaching a professional is the best you can do for your family and your young ones.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing is very important. If this is done perfectly you will not go through stain problems. For proper cleaning of your carpet, you can call us whenever you want. We are at your doorstep.

 End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

If you are leaving your house or getting a new one we provide you with end-of-lease carpet cleaning services. This helps you to maintain relations with the person you’re giving your home to. Our experts will also help you to maintain your relations with them and us. 

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

At Back 2 New Cleaning we give you the best treatment. We have highly trained cleaners and the best equipment. We also provide you with emergency services. If you have a party at your home and your carpets are not at all cleaned. So don’t worry we are here for you to provide you with the best services at your doorstep. Our services will also be active for you 24*7. If you want to book our emergency carpet cleaning services you can just give a call to our team. We provide our service within some hours. 

Why Choose Us?

We also provide you with the best services. We have a team of specialized and skilled cleaners who will give you the best services. The reason you should choose us: 

  • Everyone in our team also carries their license.
  • Our cleaners use eco-friendly chemicals.
  • We use the latest machines to clean your carpet.
  • Cleaners in our team also give your carpet a new look. 
  • Our services are at very affordable prices

General Questions Regarding Carpet Cleaning

Which one is better DIY or professional cleaning?

Both are good in their ways but if we talk about DIY it will not be that much fulfilling. On the other hand, professional cleaning also gives you more benefits.

How to clean a coffee stain?

Coffee stains are really tough to remove. They don’t go that much easier but you can book our stain removal services. Our experts can remove all stains.

How long does it take to clean a carpet?

It usually takes 3-4 hours to clean the carpet. It also depends on the area of the carpet and the material of it.

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