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Carpet Cleaning Currumbin Waters

We Deliver High-Speed Carpet Cleaning Services At An Affordable Amount

Back 2 New Cleaning can save your carpet from all those stubborn stains and dirt. We are a leading carpet service providing company in and around Currumbin Waters. Cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner is not enough, you need to get it professionally cleaned if you want to live a healthy life. We will make your carpet last longer. Moreover, we assure you that your carpet will look as good as new. So, reach out to us now on 0482075241.

Carpet Cleaning Currumbin Waters

Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

There are many benefits of hiring professionals to clean your carpet. Here are a few of them mentioned below. 

  • Long Life: Your carpets will live longer if you get them deep cleaned on a routine basis. 
  • Save Money: If your carpet will last longer then you will not have to replace it sooner. Carpets are very expensive. This will save a ton of money. 
  • Healthy Life: Carpets consist of a lot of bacterias that can make you sick. A thorough cleaning will remove all of them.

What Are The Different Services That Our Carpet Cleaners Deliver?

There are a good number of services that we can deliver. Here is the list of the following carpet cleaning services that you can enjoy. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning And Hot Water Extraction

We offer carpet steam cleaning as well as hot water extraction services. This method  uses a lesser amount of water which makes it easier to dry. So, this is the ideal method.

Carpet Stain Removal

It is impossible to live without spilling something on your carpet. You can not live your life in fear. Do not fear stains from now on because we deliver carpet stain removal service.

Carpet Mould Removal 

When you wash your carpet by yourself. You can not dry it properly because it takes a lot of time. Wet carpet leads to mould formation. We deliver carpet mould removal to help you get rid of it. 

Carpet Odour Removal

After a while, your carpet starts smelling because of the daily use. It can be even worse if you have pets in your house. Therefore, we deliver carpet odour removal services. 

Carpet Sanitization

Do you know that carpets consist of a lot of infectious germs? They can make you sick. If you do not want to visit a doctor every month then you should get carpet sanitization from us. 

Carpet Shampooing 

We also deliver carpet shampooing service. This is considered one of the best services to deeply clean your carpet. So, call us now and we will be available at your doorstep.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Your landlord has asked you for end-of-lease carpet cleaning services? Do not be worried because we got it covered for you. We deliver the best end-of-lease carpet cleaning services. 

We Also Deliver After Party Cleaning Services

Having a party is only fun till everybody leaves. Throwing a party can ruin your carpets. All the spilling of food and drink can leave a stubborn mark on your carpet if you do not hire a professional for carpet cleaning immediately. You can rely on us for after-party cleaning services. We will clean your carpet so efficiently that you will never realize that there was a party in the first place.

What Are The Benefits That Back 2 New Cleaning Offers To Their Clients?

There are plenty of benefits of choosing our carpet cleaning experts. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • All Time Services: You can enjoy our services at all times. We offer 24/7 services.
  • Professional Services: The services we deliver are of top-notch quality.
  • High-Speed Services: We can clean your carpets in no time with the help of our high-tech technology. 
  • In Budget Services: Our services are within your budget because we deliver them at honest prices.


Can You Clean Wine Stains?

Yes, we can clean all types of stains with our pre and post-stain removal treatment.

Can I Clean My Carpets Using DIY Methods?

Yes, you can clean them but you should be aware of the fabric of your carpet. The wrong method on the wrong carpet can make your carpet even worse

How To Prepare For Professional Carpet Cleaning?

All you should do is to move your furniture so we can clean your whole carpet without any barrier. The rest you can leave to us.

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