Carpet cleaning Wurtulla

Why Choose Our Team of Carpet Cleaning Wurtulla? 

Carpets and homes are a good combo. Moreover, they enhance the beauty and look of your premise. Carpets are not only used in homes but also in offices and restaurants. Therefore, keeping them clean is necessary. These are some of the reasons why you should choose us – 

  1. Expert services – Our company is a leading professional in carpet cleaning. Likewise, we have expert staff who provide the best services to you. 
  2. Experience in the field – We are the best carpet cleaning service in Wurtulla. Also it’s been 20 years since we are in service. 
  3. Fast and reliable service – Our services are affordable and reliable. The team works professionally on the carpets. Giving it the new life it needs. 
  4. 24*7 services – Our customer care is available 24*7. We provide emergency and same day services also. You can book your quote right now. Our team will be present within an hour. 
  5. We think about our customers – Our company has always been customer friendly. Providing affordable carpet cleaning options. Therefore, everyone can have access to it. 

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks 

Carpet cleaning is not a DIY job. Yes, you can prevent and take care of surface dirt. But for a thorough cleanse, you need professional help. Here are some tips and tricks you can follow  

  1. Clean spills – Make sure to clean and blot the food spills immediately. This will prevent staining. Don’t rub or scrub as this will spread the stain. 
  2. Vacuum everyday – Remove the surface dirt and debris. Therefore, vacuum everyday. 
  3. Home available remedies – You can use baking soda to clean the stains. Also, can use dish cleaner. For chewing gum freeze them with ice. That’s an easy peezy trick. 
  4. Deep clean regularly – Though your carpet might look clean it’s always better to deep clean. Or hire a professional to deep clean every 6 months. Let the carpets breathe and smell fresh. 

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service 

Is there a get-together tonight? But not sure how to make your carpet clean? We are here to help you. Back 2 New Cleaning offer emergency carpet cleaning services. Moreover, a general cleaning requires 2 hours. And the carpet dries depending on the weather. Not to worry. You can call us right away and get your quote. Therefore, our team will be available within an hour at your place. Sooner the process, the better the result.

Quality Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer to Our Customers 

There are various methods to clean a carpet. But not all are effective enough. Choose your most suitable service. Mentioned below are the services we provide. 

  • Carpet odour removal – Carpets start smelling when it is not cleaned regularly. They require intensive cleansing too. Call us to treat the odour in your carpets today. 
  • Carpet steam cleaning and Hot Water Extraction – The team arrives at your place. They adjust the place accordingly. A hot water tank is used to spray it all over the carpet. The water is at great force. Therefore, it dissolves the dirt. 
  • Carpet shampooing – This is also a common method to clean your carpets. 
  • Carpet stain removal – Firstly, you can find tea spills, alcohol, chocolate, dog piss and a lot more stains on the carpet. You can blot and remove the excess spill. But a thorough cleaning will work the best. 
  • Carpet sanitisation –  Carpets can carry mites and other disease causing hosts. It is important to sanitize them. 
  • End of Lease Carpet Cleaning – Whether you want to take your carpet with you. Or you are leaving your rented place. We can do a quick cleaning process in no time.
  • Carpet mould removal – Carpets collect a lot of duct and oils. With time the leftover food develops fungus and moulds. Hence we get rid of them too. 

Hire the Expert in Carpet Cleaning Service

Back 2 New Cleaning has been working for years. With extensive experience and approach. Therefore, we have become a prime name in the carpet cleaning field. In other words, choose us to give you a memorable carpet cleaning experience. We won’t disappoint you without services. Above all, you are free to modify and choose the best suitable service. We are here to clear your doubts.  Call our professional carpet cleaners today at 0482075241 for the finest carpet steam cleaning services in Varsity Lakes, Australia.

Wishing you a clean beautiful home! 


Can you repair holes and ripped edges in the carpets?

Yes, we can give you an overall makeover of your carpets. Therefore, we can take care of the holes and other damaged fibres. Contact us to know more about the costs of your quote.

Do you provide end of lease emergency services?

The end of the lease is an urgent situation. We do provide emergency services. Don’t worry. Give the details of your carpets to our customer care. Hence, we will provide you with an affordable quote.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned professionally?

Firstly, it is recommended to get professional help every 5-6 months. Also, carpets can get really dirty with time. They start looking dull. They develop unpleasant odours. Thus it is better to get it cleaned regularly.

Location: Wurtulla, QLD, Australia