Allergy Control

Make your carpets stain-free and allergen-free

Carpets are an essential commodity present in every home. It is a one-time investment. Therefore, you should use it carefully. Carpets need regular cleaning. So, that its longevity increases. An unclean carpet is home to unwanted germs and particles. You can find dust, dirt, pollens, etc. on an unclean carpet. Thus, causing allergies, infections, and diseases. Therefore, you should keep carpets clean, so that you can live a healthy and safe life.

Allergy Control Service

Disinfection and sanitization of carpets precisely

With allergy control service, the carpet not only becomes stain-free, but harmful microorganisms are also removed from it. Therefore, you should avail of this service. A carpet becomes free of allergies causing particles such as mites, dust, pollen, etc. So, if you have small kids and pets in your house, then you should get your carpets disinfected because they are found playing and lying on carpets. Therefore, carpet sanitization and disinfection are necessary.

Common allergens that come in your contact often

  1. Cockroaches: These unwanted bugs are very unhygienic. Also, they have the tendency of causing various allergies.
  2. Pollen: This is very common household dust. It is a component of plants and trees.
  3. Pet Dander: This is the common shed skin of pets. Their skin debris can cause severe allergic reactions.
  4. Dust Mites: They are present everywhere where dust particles prevail. Actually, they are microscopic arachnids that are not visible with naked eyes.

Advantages of availing anti-allergen services:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good air quality
  • Touch safe and chemical-free products
  • Effective and result oriented treatment
  • Also, it is not a pesticide or a drug
  • An efficient method of treating dust mite allergens
  • Makes your home, a happy and healthy place to live in

Same-day and emergency anti-allergen cleaning service available

If you are in search of a professional carpet cleaning service, then contact us. We have the best cleaners at your service. Furthermore, our customer service is excellent. We have made our service feasible for everyone. Therefore, you can make an appointment at your convenience. Our service is provided on the same day of the booking. We even provide emergency service within a few hours, and that too without any extra charges. Therefore, if you want an allergy control service for your carpet, we are just a call away.

So, your one-stop for carpet cleaning service is Back 2 New Cleaning.

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