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Mould Removal

What Is Mould?

Mould is a type of fungus that can grow in the formation of multicellular strings. Most of the households suffer from the mould problem. There are several reasons which can cause the breeding of mould in your house. The mould is like little tiny spores which fly around indoors and outdoors. When these spores fall on a wet area they start growing. 

It can have major damaging effects on your carpets and furniture. Not only that it is disgusting to look at but it is also very harmful to humans as well as pet’s health. Mould mostly appear in a damp environment. Moulds can not possibly drow without any moisture.

Mould Removal Services

What causes mould In Your Carpet?

A damp environment is an ideal condition for the growth of mould. People who clean their carpets themselves often forget to dry the carpets efficiently. A wet carpet then attracts mould. Hence, mould starts breeding in your carpet. Drying a carpet takes a lot of your time in fact it takes way more time than washing the carpet. You can not rely on a ceiling fan to dry your carpet. Therefore, people chose professional carpet cleaners to do this job. As they have the modern technology to dry your carpet properly.

There can be many reasons for a damp carpet including:

  1. Flood and water destruction.
  2. Using a lot of water while carpet cleaning.
  3. Dripping taps, pipes, ceiling, floor, etc.
  4. Drainage issues.
  5. Bad ventilation in your house.
  6. A humid environment in your house.
  7. Damp carpet because of pet urination.

Why Mould Is Hazardous For Your Health?

Mould formation on your carpet can be very hazardous for you. There are several reasons why mould can make you sick and is dangerous for your health. Some of these issues are mentioned below.

  1. It can trigger your allergies.
  2. Mould can be very problematic for asthmatic people. It can cause respiratory problems.
  3. Moulds also produce potentially toxic substances.
  4. It can give you a rash and can also cause skin inflammation.
  5. Moreover, it can be an irritant for your eyes. Causing eye soreness and inflammation.
  6. Last but not the least, it creates a very unhygienic environment in your house.

Tips To Prevent Your Carpet From Mould

  • Keep An Eye On Water Leakage

If you have any kind of water leakage in your house or if any kind of spill happened indoors then act as quickly as possible. If you will dry off the wet area in 24-48 hrs then there are chances to prevent your carpet from mould. To dry the damp areas use fans or you can also use sun if the environment is sunny.

  • Do Not forget Roof Gutters

Often people forget roof gutters. A leaky roof gutter can create a damp environment in your house. It can wet your walls internally. Which will eventually lead to mould formation.

  • Keep Your House Ventilated

You need proper ventilation to keep the ambiance of your house dry. To get rid of the steam in your kitchen make sure that you use exhaust fans. Moreover, keep your windows and doors open to ventilate your entire carpet. You should keep the heating in the winter at a constant temperature. 

  • Make Sure That Your Shoes Are Dry

In the rainy season try to remove your shoes outside your home. You can wet your carpet with your wet shoes. Drying the carpet takes even longer in the rainy season. As well as moulds are most prone to grow in this season as the whole environment is humid during the rainy season. 

  • Deep Clean Your Carpet Routinely

Mould is not only likely to grow in moist ambiance. Dirt also attracts mould. Just vacuuming your carpet is not enough to deep clean it. You need a professional to clean your carpet thoroughly. It will also get rid of all the bacterias and germs in your carpet because of dirt particles. Moreover, professional carpet cleaners also make sure that they dry your carpets properly in order to avoid mould.

Let Us Prevent You From Carpet Mould With Our Premium Quality Services

Back 2 New Cleaning specializes in mould removal treatment. If you are looking for excellent and reliable carpet cleaners then recruit our professionals. We have a team of professional carpet cleaners who are well trained and experienced. Our cleaning experts will definitely deliver the results that you desire. Moreover, the services that we provide are very cost-effective. However, we do not compromise the quality of our services. We also provide same-day carpet cleaning and carpet mould removal services. So, reach out to us now for premium quality services by calling us on 0482075241.

People Also Ask

Do You Provide Follow-Up services?

The satisfaction of our customers is our only priority. This is why we want to make sure that our customers are happy with the services we deliver. Therefore, yes, we provide follow-up services.

Is Drying The Carpet Comes Under Your Process Of Carpet Cleaning?

Yes, the last step of our carpet cleaning process involves drying your carpet. We make sure that your carpet is properly dried in order to prevent your carpet from mould formation.

Are Your Products Safe For Pets?

We only use eco-friendly products in our cleaning process. We know that chemical-infused products can be harmful to both humans and pets. Therefore, all our products are organic. They are completely safe for you and your pets.

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