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Common Stain Removal Tips From The Carpet

Carpets are unique features installed at our homes, offices, and public spaces. It can boost the appearance of any interior with its best design and attractive colors. Almost all kinds of carpet get in contact regularly with mud, dirt, dust, and debris. This collection of dirt on a daily basis changes the look of the carpet into ugly and dull.

But the most common and destructive issue with any carpet is regular staining. Stains can affect the carpet in a very bad way leading to decolorized spots all over the carpets. Avoiding carpet stain removal task will further damage the carpet and compromise its hygiene. Stains present on any carpet require immediate treatment to prevent permanent damage and deterioration. 

Affordable Carpet Stain Removal
Affordable Carpet Stain Removal

Old and stubborn stains can also damage the strength and integrity of carpet fibres causing them to get weak or break. Expert carpet cleaners in Brisbane can be hired for the best carpet stain removal. Simple and less severe strains on the rug can easily be treated by yourself. All you need to do is first clean the stain with an absorbent cloth to take out staining fluid and debris. And then clean the stained carpet using a wet cloth rinsed in detergent solution. Below are some common stain removal tips for the carpet.

Common Carpet Stain Removing Tips

For Food And Organic Stains: White Vinegar And Baking Soda

  • First, you may need to clean the stained patch to get rid of food staining fluid or debris. 
  • Now you must dilute the white vinegar by adding equal parts of water. Gently pour some vinegar solution on the stained patch and let it saturate the stain.
  • Then go ahead and sprinkle some amount of baking soda on the stained patch on the rug. Let baking soda cover the stain and reach deep within the carpet fibers. Leave the vinegar solution and baking soda powder on the stained patch of the carpet for an hour.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the stained patch which has baking soda powder. Keep running the vacuum cleaner and eradicate all the staining debris, dust, and baking soda powder.
  • Finally, clean the stained patch with a wet cloth and carpet stain removal is finished. Baking soda along with white vinegar will also deliver carpet sanitization and carpet deodorization.

For Tea, Coffee And Wine Stains: Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

  • Coffee stains can leave a permanent dark brown spot on the carpet if left untreated. You must prevent the coffee fluid from spreading and clean the stain with a plain absorbent cloth.
  • Now make a solution of 5 parts of water with 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide. Take caution and wear gloves and make sure you don’t use an excess of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Gently pour some amount of peroxide solution on the stained carpet. Take a sponge and rinse it in the hydrogen peroxide solution as well. 
  • Rub and scrub the coffee or wine stain on the carpet using the wet sponge rinsed in peroxide. Keep rubbing until stain slowly fades away. 
  • Wash the carpet stain with a wet cloth to get rid of peroxide. Repeat the process if the stain persists or for better coffee stain removal results.

For Ink, Paint And Blood Stains: Ammonia Solution 

  • Ink or paint or bloodstains can leave a permanent mark on the carpet make sure you treat these stains using ammonia.
  • First, mix a teaspoon of ammonia with a cup of warm water and prepare a solution.
  • Now carefully spray this solution on the ink stain present on the carpet and let the stain soak this solution.
  • Now you can rinse a cloth on the same solution and gently dab and blot the stain again and again. Keep blotting and dabbing till the stain slowly fades away.
  • Ammonia solution is very excellent for carpet stain removal and you may repeat the process if the stain persists.

For Oil Or Grease Stains: Rubbing Alcohol 

  • Oil stains can permanently destroy the appearance of any carpet. Make sure you treat them asap using cornstarch powder. Pour some of the powder on oil stain and leave it there for an hour. Gently wash the oil stain with a wet cloth rinsed in detergent solution.
  • For old oil stains or grease stains, you may need to use rubbing alcohol.
  • Dilute the alcohol by adding an equal amount of water and pour this alcohol solution into an empty spray bottle.
  • Spray the alcohol solution on the oil stain and let the stain soak the alcohol. Leave the alcohol on the solution for a few minutes.
  • Now rinse a sponge in the same alcohol solution and use it to clean the stain again and again. Dry the carpets naturally or call in professionals if the oil stain persists.
Professional Carpet Stain Removal
Professional Carpet Stain Removal

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