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Curtain Cleaning Perth

A Trusted Curtain Cleaning Company Perth 

Back 2 New Cleaning provides both onsite & offsite Curtain Cleaning in Perth. We also provide effective curtains & blinds steam cleaning services at affordable prices. Call 0482075241 for FREE QUOTE on curtain Cleaning Perth! Our Perth’s local curtain cleaners are available 24×7 hours. Our curtain cleaner can reach your home on the same day as curtain cleaning booking.

Curtain Cleaning Perth

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    Perth’s Local Onsite Curtain Cleaning By Back 2 New Cleaning

    Back 2 New Cleaning Perth owned and operated by local curtain cleaners in Perth. Planning to get your curtains and blinds cleaned by professional experts at an affordable price in Perth? Back 2 New Cleaning Perth is a 20-year-old company delivering quality curtains and blinds cleaning services all over Perth at the lowest possible prices. We are experienced in this field to provide you with complete satisfaction through our flawless cleaning services. With the finest technicians on board, we boast of 100% guaranteed results for our curtains and blinds cleaning services.

    Curtain Cleaning Perth

    Services We Offering for Curtain Cleaning Perth

    • Curtain Steam Cleaning Perth
    • Odour Removal Services
    • Curtain Stain Protection Perth
    • Deodorisation & Sanitisation
    • Onsite & Offsite Curtain Cleaning
    • Professional Curtain Mould Removal Treatment

    Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning Perth

    Steam cleaning is considered as one of the best ways to clean and sanitize the curtain, curtain stays widely exposed to the environment, because of this it traps more dust. Often something spills on the curtain as well, which becomes a stain and harbour bacteria. To prevent this curtain steam cleaning is the best way to treat the stain, bacteria, dust, and dirt. At Back 2 New Cleaning we have a team of expert who does the work efficiently, we have provided the team with advanced equipment and cleaning machinery. We have also provided them with the special cleaning solvent, which ensures the quality cleaning.

    Curtain Steam Cleaning Perth

    Same Day Curtain Cleaning Services in Perth

    Our curtain cleaners are available for the same day curtain cleaning services.Curtains/blinds add a charm to your room – be it at home or office. However, they often get neglected when it is about cleaning. Back 2 New Cleaning ensures that your curtains and blinds don’t feel left out and get the cleaning they deserve. We not just get rid of all kinds of dust, soil, grease, contaminants, and pollutants but infuse a new life into your curtains and blinds. We clean them back to new!

    Why Professional Curtains and Blinds Cleaning is Important?

    Do you know that dirty curtains and blinds are not just unattractive in looks but are also contagious for the well being of your loved ones? Yes, dirty curtains and blinds consist of millions and zillions of pollens, carbon particles, bacteria, allergens, and what not! You cannot even imagine the kind of contaminants living and growing in your unclean curtains and blinds. These, in turn, pollute the indoor air of your home and office. We help you get rid of all of these with our exclusive range of curtains and blinds cleaning services at Back 2 New Cleaning with the following benefits:

    Professional Curtain Cleaners Perth

    • Healthier, cleaner, and safer curtains and blinds
    • Termination of all kinds of contaminants
    • Enhanced indoor air quality
    • Improved life for your blinds and curtains
    • Tension-free cleaning
    • Guaranteed results
    • Cost-cutting on new curtains/blinds

    Apart from this, we ensure to take complete care of your curtains with our complete range of cleaning services. These include commercial curtain cleaning, domestic curtain cleaning, commercial blind cleaning, domestic blind cleaning, curtain stain removal, Venetian blinds cleaning, vertical curtain cleaning, roman curtain cleaning, roller blinds cleaning, odour removal, and so on. Moreover, we can handle various types of curtain fabrics including net, silk, cotton, velvet, mix, and polyester.

    Our Effective Process For Onsite Curtain Cleaning

    With Back 2 New Cleaning, you are always in charge of what happens to your curtains and blinds and how. We have both off site curtain cleaning and onsite curtain cleaning services available. Depending upon your personal choice, you can choose the method. Also, we indulge in both curtain dry cleaning and curtain steam cleaning processes, which is suggested by our cleaners once they do a thorough inspection.

    More or less, our curtain cleaning process includes:

    • Inspection – The first thing our cleaners do, once they reach your site, is to inspect the curtains very intensely. They take into account the kind of cleaning required, intensity and quantity of stains to figure out the best cleaning method.
    • Soil Removal – Then we remove the dry soil from the curtains with our superbly advanced tools.
    • Deep Cleaning – The next step involves deep cleaning of the curtains using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We use only green cleaning solutions that are not just safe for your family members but also for the environment. These targets even the deeply rooted contaminants.
    • Deodorising – Deodorising the curtains further enhances the cleanliness of the curtains.
    • Stain Protection Back 2 New gives a special gift to your curtains with our protection shield that protects them from future stains as well.

    In case you wish to opt for offsite curtain cleaning, just let us know. Our cleaners will reach the site, take down the curtains, bring them to our workshop, clean them thoroughly, and bring them back to you. They will also hang them again in the finest way.

    Professional Blinds Cleaner Perth

    Effective Blinds Cleaning Process

    For blinds cleaning, we focus not just on the blinds but its surrounding areas as well. Our cleaning includes cleaning of the framework and blind fixtures too. We believe cleaning just the blinds is insufficient and is useless in a sense. So we do a complete cleaning for a perfect result.

    Why Choose Back 2 New Cleaning For Curtain Cleaning Perth?

    In our 20 years of experience, Back 2 New Cleaning Perth has catered to a variety of domestic and commercial clients from different industries. We give our clients something more than they expect and that is why we are considered the best in Perth! Have a look at some of our features:

    • Family-owned, run, and operated business
    • Locals of Perth with 2 decades of industry experience
    • Certified, licensed and trained cleaners
    • Most affordable prices in Perth
    • 24×7 Available
    • You can call us on public holidays and weekends too
    • Same day and emergency services.
    • Use only bio-friendly cleaning solutions
    • Free, no-obligation quote for curtain cleaning Perth

    Call us to experience a delightful cleaning service from Back 2 New Cleaning Perth!

    Best Curtain Cleaning Perth

    Other Steam Cleaning Services in Perth

    We also offer steam cleaning services for:

    1. Carpet
    2. Curtain
    3. Upholstery
    4. Mattresses

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    Location: Perth, WA, Australia


    Q – How often should curtains be cleaned?

    You can clean your curtains at least twice or once a year for conventional maintenance. Curtains attract dirt, bacteria, dust mites, soil, odour and pollen. If your windows are left open often, they may tend to get dirty quicker. You can hire us to get expert curtain cleaning services at your home.

    Q – What is the best steam cleaner for curtains?

    A steam cleaner which has the low-temperature and pressure unit will be suitable for cleaning curtains.

    Q – How do you wash the curtains at home?

    We will take down the curtain and clean it with the help of our cleaning machines and solutions. Firstly, we remove the dirt on the surface, then clean the stains and spots.

    Q – Can you hang curtains up wet?

    Yes, we can hang curtains up wet but it is not healthy to hang wet curtains. It will be better that you use your curtains after they are dry.

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