How To Get The Sweat Smell Out Of The Mattress?

Sweat is a very common source of odour on your mattress on a daily basis. If the odour is too strong it becomes very difficult to tolerate. It might not be a good idea to spray a room freshener to cover-up the sweat smell as you may get success in tackling the odour but you might fail in killing the germs residing in your mattress. This is only a temporary process and cannot be considered as a fool-proof method of mattress sweat odour removal.

As the sweat smell is so common it needs to be removed in a much easier process to save trouble and time.

Easiest Methods To Remove Sweat Smell From Mattress

  1. Using Vinegar – You will see the use of white vinegar in a number of stain cleaning methods. This is because vinegar is very effective to remove hard stains and not just that it can remove a number of different kinds of odours instantly and at ease as well. To use vinegar, you need to prepare a very dilute solution of vinegar and water and pour it in a spray bottle.
    After that, you need to spray the solution on the affected area and blot up all excess solution from it. Leave the solution to dry and then blot it up.
  2. Use Baking Soda – Baking soda is another very common product to remove sweat odour from mattresses. If you find that there is no visible sweat stain or mark on the mattress and it is just the odour that is bothersome, then all you need to do is use a generous amount of baking soda on your mattress. Take the baking soda powder and pour it over the mattress.
    Let the baking soda be there for 20 minutes and a solid will soon form on the mattress. Then vacuum the mattress to dry. You can dust off the excess baking soda if there are any and you are sorted.
  3. Commercial Products – There are some commercial products available in the markets which are great for getting rid of sweat odour or any kind of odour for that matter from the mattresses and other household fabrics. When you use a store-bought product to deodorize your mattress make sure that it consists of as few chemicals as possible.

    Remove Sweat Smell From Mattress

    Remove Sweat Smell From Mattress

Call Out The Professionals

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