How To Clean Carpet Stains?

Cleaning the carpets at home is a hectic job to do. It makes cleaning worse when you have kids and pets at your home. Everyone will usually face the problem of cleaning the deep stains present on the carpets. The stubborn stains and the bad odour is formed with more usage and are very irritating and embarrassing if any guests arrive at your place.

There are many methods and tips that can be followed to clean the carpet stains easily. Here are a few of them which will help you to know the secret behind carpet stain removal.

Clean Carpet Stains in Brisbane

Clean Carpet Stains in Brisbane

Clean The Stains Immediately

As soon as you notice the stain on the carpet, try to clean it with a wet cloth. Before you start it with a carpet cleaning solution, you will have to first take out those solid stains remaining on the carpet fiber. After that, you should start spraying the cleaning solution on the carpet in a very little amount.

Dab the places with the help of a cloth. Make sure you do not over-wet the carpet with the cleaning solution. Make use of a knife or a steel spoon to take the solid layers of the stains out. Do not over pour the cleaning liquid or do not over rub the liquid on the stains as there are chances of spreading.

Finally, use a cloth dipped in fresh water and then dab it on the stained areas at the end. If the stains are too hard to remove, then make use of white vinegar and water to spray to remove the stains. This will work really well on the deep stains.

Vacuum The Carpet

Vacuum the entire carpet in a complete and proper manner. If you are not able to clean the entire carpet, then you will have to vacuum the areas where stains are present at least. You can also use hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing soap and baking soda to remove the stains that are too hard to remove. Mix all the above particles in equal portions and spray them on the stains and start dabbing them slowly to make the stains disappear.

Vacuum the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Vacuum the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

White vinegar and warm water are also a very effective and best working cleaning mixture that helps you to clean the stains completely. Instead of using bleaching powder or those washing bleaches, you can make use of this mixture or the one which is made up of the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This will work effectively even for fresh blood stain removal.

Call The Professionals

The stains on the carpet get deeper over a period of time and it keeps on increasing its impacts in terms of increasing the damage. We have the best team of professionals for Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane who is exceptionally experienced in stain removal and the other carpet cleaning services. Our professionals make use of the best method for stain removal which is indeed unique and effective. So call the professionals today to experience the best carpet stain removal service