How to Clean Oil Paint Stains from Carpet?

Some people want to decorate their dream house on their own. It’s something that gives you a lot of happiness. But while painting the walls of your dream house, it may be possible that your carpet gets dirty. Oops! What are you going to do now? These oil paint stains have ruined your carpet. Well, don’t think like that, because you can remove this oil paint from the beautiful carpet. Here I am sharing so methods of cleaning the oil paint from the carpet. You can implement this carpet cleaning process at home.

Clean Oil Paint Stains from Carpet
Clean Oil Paint Stains from Carpet

What is The Process?

While decorating or redecorating if oil paint gets dropped on the carpet, then you can remove this by the following process. It also depends on the type of paint.

If The Paint is Acrylic:

  • First of all, wet the paint spot. You need to make use of a rag for this process. But you must know that you need to throw this rag after the cleaning process.
  • Now take a laundry detergent and wet the rag with it. After this, you need to blot the spotted area with this rag. (Always remember, don’t rub the spot, you should always blot it.)
  • This is the primary process. By doing this step you will not get rid of the spot completely. The actual process will start after doing this. This step is only to lose the paint oil from the carpet fiber.  
  • Now the next thing you need to do is to apply some cleaning products on the stain. But there is one instruction for you here. Never apply any product directly on the stain. Always test some amount of it in a smaller area.
  • After that, you need to take a small amount of acetone. Rather than soaps and detergents acetone does a better job for clean your carpet.
  • Acetone will break the oil paint particles and it will make it easy for you to clean the paint. While performing this step you should not use the access of acetone. Only use the required amount of Acetone, the amount that can wet the spot or affected area only.
  • You must wear a mask while making the use of acetone.
  • Now half of your work is done, oil paint has been removed by the Acetone. Now only the stains will be there.
  • Now to remove the coloured stains you can use the carpet cleaning in Brisbane detergents.
  • Put a suitable amount of the carpet cleaner over the spots and now blot it gently.
  • You can also make the use of a toothbrush to get rid of this stain.
  • You can buy the best carpet cleaners from the market, they are easily available. But you must read the special instructions and precautions before making the use of these carpet cleaning detergents or liquids.
  • Not every manufacturer is the same, so be careful about it.
  • Now your carpet has cleaned completely. You can vacuum it up for the final cleaning.
Oil Paint Stains Remove from Carpet
Oil Paint Stains Remove from Carpet

If you want to get rid of this all hassle, you can go for the professional carpet wash. Call on 0488 850 862 and get the best carpet cleaning services.