How To Clean The Worst Carpet Stains

Carpets, the most valuable objects placed in homes that provide elegance and beauty to the house. Unfortunately, after taking the proper care sometimes, carpets get stained. These incidents such as water spills, food stains and urine stains on the carpet happen daily at people’s home. There are many types of stains that get amassed on the carpets which require a quick solution as well.

However, there are many ways to get rid of the stains from the carpets. DIY tips do work if seldom they don’t work then there is also the option of seeking help from a professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Tips To Clean The Worst Carpet Stains

  • Pet Stains:

    Before you begin cleaning pet stains make sure you wear gloves and blot the stain if it is fresh. Keep blotting and keep blotting until soak up the whole stain. You can then clean the stain using a carpet stain removal. You can also mix a 1/4 cup of vinegar into lukewarm water and then let the vinegar solution sit for a while and then blot it until it gets to remove
  • Coffee Stains:

    Blot as much as possible, pick vinegar and mix it into warm water and then apply it on the stain and keep blotting it until you remove the whole stain. You can also clean coffee stains with the application of bleach.
  • Bloodstains:

    Bloodstains are never easy to remove they become stubborn after few minutes and removing them is a difficult task too. You have to use cold water to remove bloodstains. You can also blend dishwashing detergent into lukewarm water and apply it on the stain. Then blot it using a clean cloth. In case of the stain doesn’t get removed then call professionals for help.
Professional  Stain Removal
Professional Stain Removal

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