How to Get Coffee Stain Out of your Carpet

Coffee is among the most common beverage found in most homes. Research shows that every person consumes about 500gm of coffee per year. This means that most homes witness coffee spills on their carpets frequently. 

  • The best way of dealing with coffee spills is by handling them as soon as they happen. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to suck the water up as much as you can. After sucking as much water as possible, scrub the area with soapy warm water. By doing this, you should remove the stain and restore the carpet to its good condition. If you choose to hire companies to work on your carpet, prefer those that offer same day carpet cleaning services.
  • However, this works for light spills and you have to act very fast. Warm water with soap may fail to clean the deep fibers if you leave the coffee spill to drain in the carpet fibers. There are several ways to deal with situations like this. Water and vinegar may sound so old fashion but it is one of the best ways of dealing with tough coffee stains. For better results, you are advised to use the following methods. 

Some of The Committed Cleaning Solutions

Multiple ways of carpet cleaning carpets work best in removing tough stains. One of the cleaning agents that perform well in carpet sanitizing includes the Dyson Zorb which is in powder form. Vacuum your carpet, sprinkle the affected area, and allow it to settle for 30min. this gives the solution time to absorb dirt. Vacuum the area and you will see how much dirt is soaked in the solution.

  • Another cleaning solution that works best is a stain remover and Vax Spot. These solutions are designed to deal with tough stains in your carpet fibers. Using this method is easy since all you are required to do is sprinkle the solution of the stain and rub it. You should have removed the larger part of the stain by this time, blot the area to get rid of the stain marks.
  • Another cleaning solution that is designed to work perfectly on removing both light and tough stains is the Bissell Stomp stain go lifting pad. The best thing with this solution is that you will not have to go kneels to scrub the stains.

You can also remove tough stains on your carpet by using a pre-moistened pad. Place the pad on the affected area and stomp into it. This forces it to release a cleaning solution on the carpet stains. 

Steam Cleaners

If you have doubts about using the cleaning solutions to remove coffee stains from your carpet, steam cleaning is one of the preferred methods of restoring the beauty of your home carpet. Carpet deep cleaning using steam cleaners also helps in removing the tough stains like coffee spills on your carpet. 

  • Steam cleaning has a big advantage among them is killing germs and allergens thus creating a healthy environment in your home. 
  • The heat by steam cleaning lifts all the stains out of the carpet. This works best when used together with a cleaning solution through the solution should have a less than 10 PH so that you avoid discolouring your carpet. 
  • The best thing about steam cleaning is that apart from dealing with tough carpet stains it can also be applied in other areas in the home such as the curtains and furniture that may have stains built up.  

By applying the correct cleaning solution and the method of going about it, you can remove tough coffee stains from your carpet. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

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