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How to Get Rid of Old Stains on The Carpet?

Nothing is disgusting like coming home after a long and tiresome day at work only to find your pet has messed up with your carpet. If the dirt by the pet is left for a long time, it will drain down the carpet fibers creating a smelly environment in a home. Stains from pets such as urine, feces, and vomit might be very challenging to get rid of if left for long. Though removing the old stains and odors may be the hardest task to perform on your carpet, various steps and carpet old stain removal products are used to remove the stains and avoid discoloration of your carpet. 

Removing Old Stains from Carpet

The first thing to do is locating the stain. In most cases, you will be able to see the stains, but there must be hidden stains that can damage your carpet or cause bad odors in your home. It is very important to identify the part affected by stains. For better vision, buy a fluorescent or ultraviolet light, you can buy a longer one for adequate lighting in your home. You can get the lights at a cheaper price from hardware though you can still get them from pet stores. You can as well buy them from different online platforms. 

For better outcomes, search during complete darkness or at night. Act as if you are among the crack forensic squad and use apply large sweeping motions from the place that is likely to be stained. Older stains appear to have more faded discolourations. This is in a case where you are searching for stains by dogs or other pets in your home. You can also call professional Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide technicians who can identify the affected area quickly. However, if your pet is a cat, you have to do further searching, 


Some of The Areas to Search Apart from The Floors Will Include :

  • Along the home walls
  • Furniture and curtains
  • Closet and clothing
  • In the floor vents
  • Bookshelves
  • Decorations by cloths in the home
  • Other objects that your cat may spend time crawling on, for example, portable heaters.

Mark the affected part using masking tape, and proceed to clean the dirt area. At this stage, you will have multiple choices. First, try using an enzymatic cleaner. After you pour distilled and cool water on the stains, apply cleaner while you work starting from outside of the carpet towards the centre. After this, use a towel or cloth paper and create a poultice or pad. Cover the poultice using a heavy object such as a large book and leave it for overnight or as prescribed by the cleaner. This method is just the start of the best carpet cleaning service process since it does not get rid of the stain completely.

Different Way for Removing Old Stains

Another way of doing it is by oxidizing the stain. One disadvantage with this method is that it is not effective on silk and wool carpets. Avoid products such as “Oxy-Clean” which do their work by creating hydrogen peroxide that damages the carpet. Combine 32 ounces distilled water with ½-teaspoon bleach to make a solution. Always start by testing just a small part of the carpet. Saturate that portion and leave it to settle for ten minutes and pull up the liquid using a shop vac. 

Carpet Stain Removal Service
Carpet Stain Removal Service

Find a Professional Carpet Cleaner

However, if the above methods fail to provide a solution to your smelling carpet, consider involving a professional or find a steam cleaner. Ensure to tell the technician to try cleaning it with no detergent. Then ask him on how the tough stains can be removed from your carpet. For the best of your pets and kids, you are advised to use eco-friendly ingredients since they are harmless. The best thing with hiring carpet cleaners is that they respond early and provide same day carpet cleaning services.