How To Get Rid Of Paint Stains From Carpet

The common pivot of ruckus in many families can be about paint staining, which seems to be pretty tough to be cleaned by water only. The situation worsens when the affected area is the carpet. Sometimes it’s recommended to use paint thinner for these types of situations, but some of them contain harmful chemicals, which can harm the fibre strands of the carpet to the core.


Although some products can be used alongside a paint thinner to remove these stains, one should be aware of how to use them, or else it will damage the carpet. Also, many hacks can help to remove carpet stain removal including a nail paint one during the regular procedure of carpet cleaning. Some of the hacks are-

  1. Paint Thinner Remover

The wall paint thinner can be used to clean off regular paint stains, but one must be ready for the consequences in case things go sideways. Carpet cleaning can be occupied with this bottle of cleaning agent, but some measures which have to be taken to ensure proper cleaning, which are-

  1. Don’t apply the remover directly on the carpet.
  2. Put it on a cotton bud or a piece, and rub it for testing to see how the fibre reacts to it.
  3. If it agrees with it, rub it on the stain and soak it out without leaving any stain.
  4. Rub with a damp cloth followed by a dry tissue removing any residue.
  1. Denatured Spirit/alcohol

This word does create a tingling sensation in many people, but you will be flabbergasted to know how many applications this addictive liquid has. It can be used as a way to dry clean a bed during carpet cleaning being volatile, apart from being used as a dirt remover for computer and mobile accessories and internal parts. All you have to do is-

  1. Apply the alcohol on the stain.
  2. Leave it so that it sits on the stain.
  3. Rub it off by a dry towel, and damp it.
  4. Rub it with a dry tissue to remove any residue.
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Yet again another use of this little industrial cleaner, a champ in stain removal, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning and stain removal. It can be easily coupled with any other cleaning agent and work wonders, as a military coup on a fascist government. All you have to do is to just take some essentials together and follow these simple steps-

  1. First, you need to mix the hydrogen peroxide with the paint.
  2. Apply the mixture on the stain.
  3. Since this is for stains with roots down, you will have to leave it for 30 minutes for it to settle.
  4. Rub it with a dry tissue very gently so that you don’t rip the fibres off.
  5. Pat dry after dampening it a little bit.
    Carpet Paint Stains Removal Service

    Carpet Paint Stains Removal Service

Take The Help Of Professional Carpet Cleaners

Now, people tend to think they can handle a little stain while their carpet cleaning, but the most important part they need to know is how to use the chemicals. If even a slight over mixing happens, it can completely ruin the carpet. So it will be better to leave it to the professionals. Call Back 2 New Cleaning to get perfect solutions for carpet cleaning Brisbane, who will handle any type of stain, just like the army handles the enemy, with special care!