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How To Keep Your Carpets Cleaned During Summer Season

Carpets work as a jewel for your house. They can easily make or destroy the overall look of the house. Summer season is the time when most of us prefer remaining outdoors. This, in turn, paves way for dirt and dust to enter the house and settle on our furniture, particularly carpets.

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So, a little care and attention are all you need in order to keep your carpets intact this summer season.

Taking Care Of Carpets During Summer Season

  1. Keep The Dirt Away

    Dirt makes your carpets look really shabby. During summer when we, our pets, kids keep moving in and out of the house much often and do not always take off the shoes. This makes our carpets dirty.
    So, it is better to abide by certain rules – shoes out and in-house slippers in. This will elongate your carpets life span considerably.
  2. Another Coat Of Protection

    Talking practically, it is somehow not possible to keep the shoes out of the house completely. For instance, neighbours, kids, elders, etc. often enter our house with their shoes on. What Should You Do in This Situation? Keep the doormats at the entrance. This will remind people to at least wipe their shoes off before getting into the house.
  3. Vacuum Regularly

    Apart from practising the above-mentioned points, do not forget to vacuum your carpets regularly as it keeps the dirt and dust away thereby preserving their integrity. Applying some baking soda before vacuum the Carpet Cleaning will help in removing bad odour out of it.
  4. Arrange the Parties or the Gathering OutsideIf

    you are planning to organize a summer barbecue and worried about your carpets, arranging the party outside is the best you can do in order to save your carpets from a pile of dirt and dust.
  5. Area Rugs

    Despite placing the shoes outside, various parts of the carpets experience enough foot traffic and abrasion. Place the runners or the area rugs at those places- if you don’t like the way they look, simply remove them once the guests have gone or the party is over.

Seek Help From Professional Cleaners

If the damage has penetrated deep inside the carpet fabric, it is the best time to hire a professional from Back 2 New Cleaning to get the Local Carpet Cleaning service in Brisbane.

We often use techniques (like cleaning by hot water and harsh detergent) that may result in damaging the fibre of your carpet. Therefore, get your carpets by professional at least twice in a year in order to extend the life of it and make it appear new as always.