How To Remove A Coffee Stain From A White Carpet?

It’s an easy task to clean up coffee stain from a tiled surface, concrete, or wooden surface, but when it comes to the carpet, it seems to difficult to take out. Coffee contains dark colour and sugar which can not be excluded easily from your carpet.

Sometimes you may see your carpet getting stained by coffee stains and instead of hiring professional carpet cleaners, you would like to treat them on your own. So below is one of the most efficient methods for carpet coffee stain removal.

Remove Carpet Fresh Coffee Stain

Method To Remove Fresh Coffee Stain From The Carpet

Remove a coffee stain from a white carpet using DIY methods suggested by the professionals. The procedure is the same for treating dry and fresh coffee stains.

  • Remove Coffee Liquid:
    Coffee stains are so sticky and tough to remove. First, remove the coffee fluid from the carpet surface. Start your work from the outer surface of the stain to the centre. Remember, incorrect cleaning can make your stain larger. So, read carefully the instructions given for carpet coffee stain removal.
  • Blot Up The Area:
    In the second step, blot up the affected area with any clean cloth and press down onto the stained area to remove the excess amount of remaining coffee. Do not scrub too much, more scrubbing can damage the fibre of your carpet. Spray some quantity of cold water on the stain. Then follow this process again with a new piece of cloth or repeat it 3 or 4 times to remove the coffee as you can do.
  • Use Liquid Detergent To Wash:
    In the last step, use liquid detergent to wash the affected area. Mix a small amount of liquid detergent into the water and apply it to the stained area. It is the best way of carpet cleaning. By using this process, you can remove the fresh coffee stains from your carpet.
Remove Old Coffee Stain from Carpet

How to Remove Old Coffee Stain?

  • Wet Affected Area:
    If you are dealing with old coffee stains, you will have to do something different and clean your carpet with quite extra efforts. First, wet the affected area of your carpet. Spray normal water on the stained area and make it wet accurately.
  • Scrub Stained Area:
    Now, scrub the stained area with a normal brush to remove the coffee stains. You can use any type of gentle brush like a toothbrush or carpet commercial brush.
  • Use Vinegar And Dish Liquid Cleanser:
    Mix a small quantity of vinegar into the warm water and stir well. Use a small spray bottle to mix both ingredients. Then, sponge your cleaning solution on the stained area and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Wash Carpet:
    Now, wash your carpet with normal water. During washing your carpet, you can repeat the process of brushing. You can again scrub in the final step of carpet stain removal. This will give you the best result.

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