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How To Remove Bad Odor From The Mattress?

There are times when your mattress smell badly and it becomes unbearable. Your kid may pee on your mattress or some kind of food spill can also create a bad odor on your mattress. Such types of odor can even spread allergens to your and your family. It is very essential to get rid of these awful smell. You spend a lot of your time on your bed and want it to smell good.

Remove bad odor from the mattress

There are many methods to deodorize a mattress but it is important to choose the right method and solution which is suitable to the fabric of your mattress. Many owners try to deodorize their mattress with chemicals products which are very harmful. Experts advise removing the bad odor naturally from your bed. So let go through the best and safest method for mattress odor removal.

Best Method To Remove Bad Odor From The Mattress

  • Step 1:

    Firstly, all you have to do is to examine the type of fabric mattress is made up of and then remove the bed covers. If your mattress fabric is not suitable to deodorize at home then call out the professionals and if it is then you can go ahead with this procedure. There are many fabrics that are not meant to clean at home. You can identify which side of your mattress is smelling bad and can deodorize form that part. It is important to do a thorough inspection before you start with the odor removal process. 
  • Step 2:

    In the next step, grab the baking soda and spread it all around the mattress. It is one of the best remedies to treat all types of bad odors present on the mattress. It is easily available in every kitchen and if at all you don’t have it you can get it from the store. Let the baking soda be on your mattress for at least one night so that it can reach deep into that fabric and remove all the bad smells from your mattress. 
  • Step 3:

    After 24 hours you can remove the baking soda by vacuuming. To get rid of dirt particles, pet hair and baking soda particles form the mattress it is important to vacuum it. Make sure there is no sign of baking soda or any other particles left on your mattress. 
  • Step 4:

    Inspect your mattress again once you are done with the vacuuming. Let the mattress dry for some time. To dry it you can put it under the sun. After this procedure, if you still find the smell on the mattress then you can follow the above procedure again. Moreover, baking soda has no side effects on the mattress.
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