How To Remove Wax From Your Carpet?

Your carpets bear way more than you can think. From stains to water damage to pest infestation your carpets go through so much. And one of such common scenarios is the wax stain on the carpet. Though candles amplify the beauty of your homes drastically when the wax spillage destroys all the beauty of the carpet.

Wax stain on the carpet can panic you, but you really do not have the time to react, the action needs to be taken as soon as the accident takes place. And if the same has transpired with you and are looking for the method for carpet wax removal you have landed at the right place.  Keep reading to know the right way to remove the wax stain from the carpet.

Remove Wax Stain from Carpet

Remove Wax Stain from Carpet

Things Required

  • Butter Knife
  • Hand-held Vacuum cleaner
  • Clean white cloth/ paper towel
  • Iron
  • Rubbing Alcohol
Carpet Wax Removal

Carpet Wax Removal

Procedure To Remove Candle Wax Out Of Carpet

  • Step 1- Scrap the wax off

    The first step is getting rid of spilled wax as soon as it hardens onto the carpet. Scrape the wax off from the carpet gently with the help of a butter knife. Do not run the knife harshly on the carpet as it can ruin the fibre. If the wax is still soft, run the ice cube over to harden, and eventually get rid of it.

  • Step 2 – Vacuum the wax bits

    Once you have scrapped the maximum amount of wax, vacuum the carpet to remove the remaining wax bits. It is better to use a hand-held vacuum or the one with a hose attachment for the complete removal.

  • Step 3 – Extract the remaining wax out of the carpet

    Heat the iron to the lowest setting, keeping it on “No Steam”. Then place the paper towel or cloth on the spilled area, and gently put the iron tip on the paper. The wax will start melting and stick to the paper or towel. Keep rotating the iron in the circular motion, so as to avoid the scorching heat onto the carpet.

    Make you the iron does not touch the carpet as it can burn the fibre. Remove the cloth/paper, once you notice the wax stain on the carpet is absorbed completely.

  • Step 4 – Treat the wax stain on the carpet

    Once you have successfully achieved your target of carpet wax removal, the next step is to get rid of the candle dye stain. And for that, blot the stain with rubbing alcohol. Keep rotating the cloth once the dye starts transferring while blotting. Blotting the stain with the same section of the cloth will further spoil the carpet. Keep repeating the process, until the dye stops transferring.

  • Step 5 – Rinse the area

    Once the carpet stain removal process is done, rinse the area with the help of a sponge and fresh water. Afterwards, blot the dry area.

  • Step 6 – Absorb the remaining moisture

    Cover the treated area with paper towels or the clean cloth and put the heavyweight on the top, to let it dry. Leave it overnight for the complete removal of liquid, and give ample time to let the area dry.

  • Step 7 – Vacuum the treated area

    Afterwards, vacuum the carpet, targeting the treated area to bring the fibres back to their normal condition.

Candle Wax Out of Carpet

Candle Wax Out of Carpet

When To Hire The Professionals?

Anytime. If you love your carpets enough to not leave them to the DIYs, you can take the professional’s help. We at Back 2 New Cleaning offer a wide range of cleaning services including carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, and carpet repair.

Our professional carpet cleaning Brisbane services help you restore the original condition of your floor coverings. Hence, if you are not sure whether you will be able to get candle wax out of carpet, it is better you call our professionals.