How To Remove Oil Stains From Synthetic Fiber Carpets And Rugs

Your carpet is made up of synthetic material, the fact is, it is a bit difficult and tricky to get rid of the oil stains from it. On a priority note it is recommended to contact a professional for the same but then if you still want to work on the stains by yourself then below are the steps to remove oil stains from synthetic fiber carpets and rugs.

Now your carpet fiber being synthetic, it has to be appropriately taken care of. With the chances of your dropping either food oil or grease oil on your carpet, here is a method to perfectly remove the oil stains from your carpets.

Oil Stains Remove From Carpets
Oil Stains Remove From Carpets

Steps To Remove Oil Stains From Synthetic Fiber Carpets And Rugs

Requirements: –

Rubbing alcohol, cold water, paper towels or clean white absorbent cloth, Spray bottle(if needed), Vacuum.

  • Step 1 – Remove the excess amount of oil from the top of the carpet. Use paper towels and press them against the stain to soak up as much oil as possible.
  • Step 2 – Soak up a clean white cloth in the rubbing alcohol and dab the oil stain until the oil particles break down. This will ease down your work. 
  • Step 3 – Continue with the adding of more rubbing alcohol and soaking procedure until you find that all the oil has been transferred to your cloth.
  • Step 4 – Pour the rubbing alcohol directly on the affected area and cover it with some paper towels on it by keeping the stale of books so as to put pressure on the stained area.
  • Step 5 – Remove the books and paper towels after several minutes and let it dry.
  • Step 6 – Vacuum the stained area once it is being dried up completely to get hold of all the oil particles.


  • Always try the house experiments on the hidden area first
  • Do not rub the carpet just dab it in the whole procedure
  • Ask for a cleaner that is synthetic friendly

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Remove Oil Stains From Carpets
Remove Oil Stains From Carpets

Whether or not, despite taking much care of your carpet to not get stained there are a lot of possibilities that it might want deep cleaning sometimes. And for the same reasons, we are here to offer you the best carpet cleaning in Pimpama at an affordable range so that you do not hesitate to call us whenever needed.