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How to Remove Pet Smell from Carpet

Whether you’re a proud parent of an animal having one tail, four legs and always seems happy when the owner arrives home, but you didn’t deny that when your pet keeps the house dirtier it not looks bad but also smell bad. Yes, every owner will train their dog to keep the house clean and do their stuff outside the house, but when they are just a little puppy you can’t train them. Pets have a very different smell that every owner feels in the house every time, but when they do the shit at that time it is hard to remove the smell from the house and stain from the carpet.

You clean the carpet with the vacuum cleaner is ok but it is not a permanent solution and it won’t remove the smell too. When your carpet has a shit stain then you also don’t like to walk even through your carpet. So, the vacuum cleaner is not the solution because it only removes the dirt particles not stains and that is the worst thing. Yes, you can call professionals for the carpet dry cleaning process or do some homemade tricks that are easy and quick.

Remove Pet Stain From Carpet
Remove Pet Stain From Carpet

Some Basic Methods to Remove Pet Smell from Carpet: 

  • Apply Detergent Powder: –

    If you see that your dog does shit in front of your eyes then first let them finish his work and when he went from that area then just wear gloves, take shit from the carpet and put in a plastic bag and throw it in a dustbin. So now the stain is fresh so it won’t stick to the carpet it means only you can smell the odor no one else before it gets spread just clean it and the problem is solved. Just take a full mug with water, add a little amount of detergent powder in it and mix it. After that take a cloth or sponge, dip it in the mixture powder and clean the stain while rubbing it smoothly. Immediately you found that all types of stain got removed from the carpet and now it is clean. Now take simple water and another cloth to clean the detergent from the carpet. Now it is properly clean. Make sure that while doing this process your pet or kid won’t come near otherwise you won’t able to do this again. You can perform the same procedure with dishwasher soap.
  • Baking Powder: –

    What if the shit stain got stuck to the carpet how can you remove it? As you come to your home late and find that your pet does a great job and have some work for you. You smell the odor as you entered the house immediately, and without wasting a single second you just follow the odor and come to that place. Wear gloves, take a shit in a plastic bag and throw it in the dustbin, but what about odor? It already sticks to the carpet, so take a baking powder and sprinkle on the top of the stain. Before performing such a process make sure that your pet or kid won’t come near to that area. After sprinkling the powder leave it overnight and the next day you can clean it using the vacuum cleaner. To remove the odor, you can use the room freshener too.
  • Chemical Products: –

    This is another solution if the carpet is non-washable. Again, you have to make the whole area restricted for your pets and kids. Chemicals are harmful so they may get affected with any type of infection. So, take precautions before cleaning the carpet. You also need to wear glasses, masks, and hand gloves before applying the chemicals on the carpet. Just read the instructions given on the chemical bottles and then use it. Step by step process will help you to clean the carpet and it also removes the odor. After 24 hours only allow your kids to play on the carpet and make sure your kids or pets won’t spill anything on the carpet.

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