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The Kashmiri Rugs – Kashmiri( /kaʃˈmɪəri/ ) word denotes a native or inhabitant of Kashmir. It also refers to the language of Kashmir. Rug ( /rʌɡ/ ) word is recognised with the floor covering of thick woven material (“an oriental rug”). 

Kashmiri rug is hand-knotted and known as Kal-baffi in (15th century) the empire of Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin who brought rug weavers in Kashmir from Central Asia and Persia. With time passes and training by professional rug weavers, the Kashmiri locals also start to weave rugs professionally. Later, these rugs became famous and started to be sold all over India with the tag of Kashmiri handicrafts.

Usually, the designs of Kashmiri rugs have a floral pattern (a style shows the design of a flower). Tree (Paisley and chinar tree) patterns are also woven on the rugs to show the significant cultural values, warmth, hospitality and love of Kashmiri locals. These types of rugs are made up of pure silk or pure wool and occasionally wool and silk mixtures. Kashmiri rugs or carpet can be divided into two types. In the first type, rugs are made up of silk on the silk material (Pure Silk Carpet) and then, the second type has less-silk in rugs as they are made up of silk on the cotton type material. Kashmiri rugs are usually woven in the regions of Kashmir, Srinagar, North India and nearby villages and rural areas of Kashmir. These Kashmiri Rugs are widely available in the market with varieties of Styles, Sizes and Designs.  

The common sizes of Kashmiri rugs are 3’x2′, 5’x3′, 7’x5′, 10’x8′, 14’x10′ and 15’x12′. Larger sizes are also available, but they are chiefly custom-made. People use these rugs to show their dignity as Kashmiri rugs are bright and enhance the decor of the room floor. 

Hence, the art of Kashmiri rugs are beautiful and give peace of mind. This art makes the rugs more classic to have in rooms, and the colours of it spread the popularity of Kashmir to worldwide. As you heard about rugs or carpet that a home is incomplete without a soul and carpets or rugs complete this necessity of every home. Yes! It is true, rugs and carpets give a better look to the room or apartment. 

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