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Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Mice

When mice are invading your home, you need a plan to get rid of them as early as possible. Mice are a type of pest that can easily nest and grow in numbers, causing you immense damage.  There are certain methods that can help with the extermination process. With a proper course of action, mice control ain’t a big deal.

Mice Control
Mice Control

Here Are Some Of The Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Mice

Mouse Traps

Using mousetraps is a method that has been in practice since long and not without a reason. This is a tried method for mice control and people rely on it quite a lot. When it comes to choosing the best type of mousetrap, snap traps undoubtedly win the league.

You can choose between wooden traps and plastic fully enclosed traps to reduce the possibility of having to touch the dead mouse. Amongst some other great choices include glue traps, electronic and live catch. Even though you feel one might be sufficient, you must always use more than you think are required. Starting with at least 6 traps is a great choice.

Using Bait And Poison

Using poison to eliminate pests is a controversial topic. Some people consider it a cruel act since poisons function by dehydrating the mouse. Nonetheless, it’s a personal decision and depends on your choice. Mice are the carriers of diseases. Whether your family’s health is more important or the mice are what you need to think at times. Once you have made up your mind to use poison.

Mice Pest Control Services
Mice Pest Control Services

There are a few precautions that you must take

  • Bait must always be used in sealed bait stations.
  • Baiting stations shall never be placed out in the open. They should be kept behind the refrigerators, under the cabinets etc.
  • Poison must only be used inside the house where rats are most suspected. Keeping it outside might be risky for your pets who can accidentally consume it.
  • The poison must always be stored with extra caution to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Usage Of Strong Odours To Deter Mice

Usage of deterrents such as strong odour is one of the most effective Natural Pest Control methods to get rid of mice. When a mouse newly enters your house, it would often leave a pheromone trail as an indication to the rest of the mouse belonging to her family to find their way into your house. Strong smelling products such as ammonia can be used to prevent this. It is quite effective at deleting any trace that the mouse left behind.

Consider Hiring Professional Pest Controllers

Although strong odours can help in rat control, you still need a professional company to get the best result. Get in touch with Back 2 New Cleaning to avail the best services. We offer the best pest control Brisbane services at affordable prices.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services