How To Clean Your Duct

How often do we clean and broom our bedroom and living room? These are the places where we mostly spend time. Most of us always forget to take care of the air inside our house. Proper breathing leads to good health but the air inside our homes is always directly dependent on ducts and air vents. It is very important to clean your ducts regularly.

This ignorance often leads to the settlement of dirt, dust, and other impurities inside the ducts. Air vents become home to spiders, bugs and other insects further deteriorating the ducts and air quality. Looking for the best method of duct cleaning? We are providing you with a guide to clean ducts at home with some easy steps.

Things Needed

  1. A good vacuum cleaner with an upholstered brush attached
  2. Brush for vacuum
  3. Microfiber cloth or a dusting cloth
  4. Rotary dryer vent brush cleaner
  5. Cordless drill

Steps For Duct Cleaning :

  • Step 1: Remove all the lids and registers from the ducts. Take a bucket with some detergent and warm water and wash them properly. Use the microfiber cloth to removed old settled dust.
  • Step 2: The elongated dryer vent brush should be attached firmly to the cordless drill. Turn on the drill and brush off loose dirt and cobwebs from the walls of duct and vents. Keep repeating till all the dust is gone.
  • Step 3: Attach the brush to your vacuum cleaner and push the hose directly inside the duct. Start vacuuming all dirt and dust gathered inside the duct. Make sure you remove all the remaining dirt around the walls and repeat if necessary.
  • Step 4: After vacuum duct cleaning, take a microfiber cloth and rinse it with water. The wet cloth will remove all the remaining mud and will wipe your air ducts keeping it clean. Repeat this step to get a desired result.

Take Professionals Help

Although this guide seems easy to do we all need some kind of professional cleaning at some point in time. The unaware people may leave their air vents and duct as it may lead to impure air quality. For every other home they provides special and professional services of duct cleaning in Melbourne. Our experts reach out every end of your ducts and clean them through specialised devices and appliances. We can help you out with an ease. So call us today to hire us.